Thursday, May 04, 2006

light of some kind

how i met ani:
she was reading a poem in russell simon's def poetry slam on tv one night and her wild hair caught my attention, it was the type of hair my friend once told me she liked so i figured i'd check her out. yes it was because of her poem but also in part because i thought maybe this would be someone my friend would be into. i looked her up the next day, bought her first cd and since then i've been a big fan.
it was fate :)

[fyi: one of kate's favorite concert is ani's]

the title of my blog is from a song of hers, the lyrics below:

light of some kind by Ani DiFranco

i wish i didn't have this nervous laugh
i wish i didn't say half the stuff i say
i wish i could just learn to cover my tracks
i guess i'm not concerned about getting away

'cause every time i try to hold my tongue
it slips like a fish from a line
they say if you want to play
you should learn how to play dumb
i guess i can't bring myself to waste your time

'cause we both know what i've been doing
i've been intentionally bad at lying
you're the only boy i ever let see through me
and i hope you believe me when i say i'm trying
and i hope i never improve my game
yeah i'd rather have these things weighing on my mind
and at the end of this tunnel of guilt and shame
there must be a light of some kind
there must be a light of some kind

i must have blown a fuse or something
cause it was so dark in my mind
she came up to me with the sweetest face
and she was holding a light of some kind
and i still think of you as my boyfriend
i don't think this is the end of the world
but i think maybe you should follow my example
and go meet yourself a really nice girl

'cause we both know. . .

in the end the world comes down to just a few people
but for you it comes down to one
but no one ever asked me if i thought i could be
everything to someone
there's a crowd of people harbored in every person
there are so many roles that we play
and you've decided to love me for eternity
i'm still deciding who i want to be today

cause we both know. . .


Blogger Maddy said...

oh, that song-poem is riveting...
soooo true and scary-real...
fabulous title to name your
fabulous blog after...
i am going to buy her cd
.. because i love the song on
my cd you made me...
she has a great "look"

1:12 PM  

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